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Company profile

Classic and modern


In the city of Ankara during the year of 1955, a story began thanks to which later Nill’s Furniture was created. The company kept developing thanks to the early successes, the establishments and experience.

In 2007 the production and creation of the new collections started in order to debute at the Istambul Furniture Fair with the new name and vision of the company; Nill’s Furniture. In 2008 they expanded their categories with sofas that represent their expectations and thoughts when it comes to creating unique furniture. Manufacturing activity continues with the latest technology machinery, evolving and developing day by day.

Based on 50 years experience, Nill’s Furniture represents their country successfully in the world market, progressing towards becoming the leading brand at modern wood furniture design and production. Even though their name and conception changed over the history of the company, the basic idea and the committment towards the material of wood did not. It is obvious looking at their newsest collection that they work with qulaity materials in order to achieve the effect of creating a home from a real estate.

Striving for prefection

The desing of their collections highlight the simplicity and elegance. The collections are created in such ways that the you can easilly integrate the enviroment and image created by them into your home. In their product categories you can find dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, solo furniture and accessories.

Perfection is not a status, but a continous pursuit, which we can clearly see at them. Thank to the modern facilities and technology used they can easilly realize the meticulous and precise design.





Quality materials, competence and precise execution. Visit our showroom and experience the feeling of a unique home.

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