Company Profile

Contemporary design, functionality, Italian qulaity


The Italian Calligaris manufactory started it’s productions in 1923 with one chair only. Today they have more than 800 catalogue products and export to more than 100 countries. They know they made a good decision when they decided that Calligaris has to become a brand which can keep up with the times, perceiving the present with that sensitivity that allows for the most interesting and fruitful ideas to be transformed into furniture and decorative accessories ready to enter people’s homes and find their place, creating unique spaces that speak volumes about their occupants. 

Project to product

Each detail of their products comes from effective teamwork by expert designers, architects, trendsetters, artisans and specialized employees. Out of this collaboration come sparks that are transformed into prototypes and then, at the end of a long testing and fine-tuning process, into products that will enter homes across the world.

In 95 years, they have seen many changes at Calligaris, indeed, they have promoted change. They did so by designing and creating furniture and furnishing accessories ready to enter the most diverse of homes and find their place there, harmonizing with different styles, resulting in unique environments, as, deep down, all homes are.


As a subsidiary of Calligaris the Connubia products manifest the main principles of the brand. Most of their products are chairs, stools and tables, but in the past years, they started to expand their product categories with some accessories. The name comes from the Latin “conubium” (marriage, bond). It expresses the natural bond between the products and the company and their blending in an original and unique cohesion.

Based on the price level of Connubia we can offer their products to businesses, for example, offices, public institutes, restaurants, hotels or coffee shops.

The types of wood used in our tables are sturdy and durable, and the end looks created are charming and timeless. A dynamic, yet classic wood lends itself to innovative combinations with glass and metal, creating striking pieces of design. Calligaris is FSC®  (license code FSC-C002023) certified, the label that identifies products which contain wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic guidelines.


Quality materials, competence and precise execution. Visit our showroom and experience the feeling of a unique home.


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